Hello North America!

Chris and I have made it to Frankfurt! As far as I know, Delayne, Mary Ann, and Jim made their rendezvous at Heathrow and now happily jetting towards the African continent.

Not much to report at the moment except upon the nightmare that is Heathrow airport. Heavy fog this morning kept our flight in the air for an extra hour. It also totally destroyed every airline’s schedule. My layover was supposed to be just shy of two hours, but turned into five and half as all flights bound for Heathrow were told not to bother taking off yet. This also meant that Chris’ intended 3 hour wait for me at the Frankfurt airport turned into a 7 hour marathon. An hour of my wait was spent sitting on the plane sitting at the gate for some reason. And despite the large window, when I arrived here my bags seem to have decided to stay in London. Maybe they liked the weather or something. So that was lovely. The good news is that as I write this, they have just arrived at the hotel, so all is well. A trip to Ethiopia isn’t really legitimate until a bag is lost. And I would rather deal with it here than in Addis, so keep those fingers crossed that I am the first and last.

I have no idea about the actual status of Jim, Delayne, and Mary Ann, as when I left, the weather was definitely much better, but of the 23 flights the airport’s information screen displays, 16 were delayed, and 7 were cancelled.  Hopefully the airlines were able to mop up the mess before their flight was due to leave. Of course, if they were delayed, Mary Ann and Delayne would happily just return to the Duty Free for yet another visit. My only question is where they are finding room for all their goodies. I hope we are not mysteriously short a few textbooks when we get down there.

Chris and I just had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant, with German beer, of course, and now he is soundly asleep on the bed behind me, sudoku book splayed on his chest and pencil in hand… I don’t think he got even the first number sorted out.

Tomorrow we fly out early and arrive in Addis somewhere between nine and ten o’clock. For those of you who are curious, the time difference between Ethiopia and Alberta is +10 hours, for our readers in B.C., add another hour onto that. If the wonders of emails and the interweb have granted us notoriety beyond those areas, I leave it upon you, good readers, to do your own math.

And with that, I think I am going to go wash the airplane off of me, and then join the ranks of the snoring dead. Until next time,




3 Responses to “Frankfurt”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Been checking twice a day for updates!
    Good to hear from you,
    You’ll have an email to come.

  2. George Inglis Says:

    yay mike! glad you’ve made it acroos the pond and have my fingers crossed your bags dont end up in some other wild place adventuring without you.

  3. Jack & Jane Verburg Says:

    With great interest we read your adventures..just returned ourselves from Ethiopia..5 weeks.
    Please keep us informed…how long will you be in Eth.?..what locations?..J&J

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