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And We’re Off!

February 11, 2008

It’s official! As I write this I am sitting in the Calgary airport waiting for my flight to London. It’s quite nice really, as Delayne, our business class flyer, did what Delayne does, and ‘talked’ us all into the first class lounge. Five hour wait doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

The logistics of getting the entire crew to Ethiopia is an interesting one, as Jim left yesterday already, Delayne, Mary Ann, Chris, and I fly out today, but Chris flies straight to Frankfurt, while Delayne, Mary Ann, and I fly to London. From there, I fly to Frankfurt to overnight with Chris, while the two ladies continue on towards Addis. Jim, Delayne, and Mary Ann arrive at about the same time, followed by Chris and I late in the evening. Bruce flies in to join us on Friday, and Dean and Darren will not arrive until Monday. Oh the joys of group travel.

We have already dodged our first trouble spot. Chris and I got ‘busted’ (as the Air Canada lady put it) with overweight carry on bags when we were seated in the front row of the airplane and thus had nowhere to stow our bags. Forced to skycheck the bags, we had to hand our bags over to the staff. Let’s just say it was quickly apparent that we weren’t within regulations. We gave her the puppy eyes and the ‘but they are textbooks for Africa” line, and we got away with it. Success!

I would like to welcome you to the blog once again, and ask for your involvement. Comments are open to public use, you do not need to sign up or give away information. If you would like to leave your name, that would be great, as it’s nice to know who is saying what. I would love comments, greetings, questions, and requests. If you ask something I don’t know I will do my best to find the answer, and sometimes people a little more detached than us have really unique and valuable queries and thoughts. As well, all of us are carrying cameras, and I am packing a serious equipment bag around. I would love to be posting photos as we go, but I fear that may not be possible. Ethiopia runs entirely on dial-up internet (gasp!) which is not entirely reliable. Between the slow connections speeds and common dropped connections, I feel the most realistic situation will have me posting photos when I return home while attempting to cross reference them with what was discussed in the blog. I’d love to get requests for photos you would like to see, and will do my best to get shots for you. Anything you would like to see to give you some insight. As well, any messages you want to send to the team or any team member will be passed along promptly.

I am tracking the the visits to this site, and am pleased to say we are already off to a healthy start. It’s a personal challenge of mine to see how many people we can get to follow along on our adventures. It will be educational, but I hope very entertaining as well. Once again I invite you to pass the site’s address to anyone you feel would be interested at all in following us in our adventures and follies.

And now I am going to lean back into my leather seat and listen to the clink of fine china as I enjoy a drink and a salad. Complimentary, of course. Cheers.

Until next time, yours in electronic correspondence,